Unsung R&B Cruise 2020

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  • Unsung R&B Cruise 2020
  • Unsung R&B Cruise 2020
  • October 11, 2020 - October 18, 2020

Welcome to the Unsung R&B 2020 Online Web Reservations Booking Process !

Here, you can complete an entire reservation, including selecting your cabin and paying the required deposit of $500 per person for each individual who will occupy the cabin. If you are booking a single occupancy (1 guest in a room), a double occupancy (2 guests in the room), a triple occupancy (3 guests in the room), or a quad occupancy (4 guests in the room), then please continue.

If you are NOT ready to book and pay your deposit, and are simply looking for pricing, please DO NOT continue. All pricing is available on the web site and selecting a cabin here will not offer you a different price.

If you would like to discuss alternative payment options or have any other questions, please call one of our travel representatives @ 972 980 SAIL (7245) for help with your travel arrangements.

If you are requesting an ADA-modified cabin, you must request by calling 972 980 SAIL (7245).

Itinerary, schedule and performances are subject to change.

Thank you for choosing the Unsung R&B Cruise 2020!

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If you have already booked a reservation for the Unsung Cruise and are returning to pay a balance, please use the button below.